Wendy Staines

Celebrant | Brisbane, Australia

'celebrating life with compassion & dignity'

Undoubtedly, one of the toughest times in life is facing the death of a loved one, a parent, a spouse or partner, a child, a family member, and yet at some stage death affects us all, and it can come like a thief in the night, totally unexpected or it can be a moment that has been long and drawn out and everything in between. However, death comes, it is painful.  It has been said that Grief is the price we pay for Love, so true!

I see my role as one of facilitating families or individuals to farewell their loved one with dignity and respect in a form that is personally crafted and reflective of the one you are saying goodbye to.

I love my job and greatly value the opportunity to create, alongside you, a lasting memory of joy, laughter, tears and smiles as you remember and honour the way your loved one lived their life, because the funeral service is yes, certainly a time of mourning, but also a time to gather and reflect the gratitude and joy of being able to share in that persons life for however long or brief that time was.

I would be honoured to do for you what would be so very difficult for you to do yourself.

You can contact me or engage my services, either through the details below, or you can request my services through the Funeral Home that will be caring for your loved one.




“We admired the seamless way in which you wove the material we gave you together, and especially appreciated your ability to hear what we told you and reflect this in what you said and the way you led the service…”






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